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Good Dog! E-Book

Good Dog! E-Book

A great resource for dog ownership - for kids, by kids.

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When you bring a new dog into the house, he isn't the only one who needs training. Children also need to learn how to behave around their canine family member, how to be kind to the dog and how to play with him safely and respectfully. The E-book Good Dog!- Kids Teach Kids About Dog Behavior and Training is written for kids, by kids so your own kids will find it easy to understand. You may pick up a few tips, too!


  • Written by children for children
  • Teaches children to understand a dog's body language
  • Convenient e-book format, delivered to your email address

Why We Like It

This e-book is written by kids, so it's easily understandable. It helps children understand a dog's body language so that everyone stays safe and plays respectfully.

Good For

Suitable for everyone, especially families with children.


88 pages

This is an e-book that will be delivered to your email address.

For iPhones, iPads and Android devices

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