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Hurtta Summit Dog Parka
Hurtta Summit Dog Parka
Hurtta Summit Dog Parka
Hurtta Summit Dog Parka
Hurtta Summit Dog Parka
Hurtta Summit Dog Parka
Hurtta Summit Dog Parka
Hurtta Summit Dog Parka

Hurtta Summit Dog Parka

Keep your pup warm in the most extreme weather

$ 30.77

Does cold weather keep your short-haired or single-coat dog inside? No more! Suitable for the coldest weather, the Summit Parka uses thermal insulation to protect your dog's muscles, chest and belly from the cold. This dog jacket is designed to fit without slipping, with adjustable length, collar, belt and loops for the back legs. Keep your dog's body temperature stable before, during and after outdoor winter activities. So efficient you may wish you had one for yourself!

Sizing Guide

Instructions for measuring a dog

1. The back length should be measured from the withers (not the collar) to the base of the tail.

2. The neckline measurement should be taken at the base of the neck (the widest point of the neck). The neckline overall can be larger as it can be adjusted to fit smaller necks.

3. The chest measurement should be taken at the widest point of the chest from behind the front legs. To ensure sufficient freedom of movement, the chest overall should be 2-8" wider than the dog's chest.

Size Backlength A Neckline B Chest C
8" 8" 12" 12-18"
10" 10" 13" 18-24"
12" 12" 18" 18-26"
14" 14" 22" 20-28"
16" 16" 23" 22-30"
18" 18" 24" 24-32"
20" 20" 27" 28-35"
22" 22" 29" 28-36"
24" 24" 32" 28-36"
26" 26" 32" 32-41"
28" 28" 32" 32-42"
32" 32" 36" 33-44"
35" 35" 38" 35-47"


  • Protects dogs from extreme cold
  • Houndtex waterproof coating
  • Adjustable for a perfect fit
  • Doesn't restrict freedom of movement
  • Hi-viz reflectors
  • Offered in 13 sizes

Why We Like It

Most dogs, especially short-haired breeds, need protection from the cold. The Summit Parka is as thoughtfully designed as cold-weather gear for humans. This company is well-known for highly functional gear and clothing for active dogs, so not even extreme winter weather will keep you from enjoying the outdoors with your dog. The Summit Parka is offered in various sizes, so please check the sizing guide before ordering.

Good For

Suitable for all dogs especially short-haired or single coated dogs that tend to get cold as temperatures drop. Flexible and comfortable fit for active dogs.


Size: 8"--35"

Colors: raven, cherry, hi-viz orange

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