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Spring Products For You And Your Dog

Get Ready For Spring Time Fun!

Whether you’re an athlete or just want to enjoy the warmer weather with your dog, here are some tips to get the most out of spring.

Let your dog be your hiking, running, jogging or cycling partner. You’ll want some equipment to make running and cycling easier on both of you. We suggest using a harness instead of a collar, like this durable, adjustable nylon dog harness that comes in 9 different colors. A harness reduces the strain on your dog's neck and throat as well as making it easier to get his attention.

Beautiful spring weather can bring out the urge for scenic hikes and there’s no reason your canine pal can’t join you. But before you go, make sure you have the essentials.

Even if your dog is great off lead, many parks require dogs to be leashed. If you want to keep him attached to you, but still give him plenty of room to roam, try a long leash like this training lead, which comes in lengths from six feet to fifty feet!

Bring water for your dog and stop for frequent water breaks. Portable bowls are great for this and even hold food if your hike extends past doggy dinner time.

Here are a few more tips for safe and happy outdoor adventures:

Not everything that blooms in spring is good. Pesky insects like ticks, mosquitoes, and biting flies are also out enjoying the warm weather. For a day hike or the first camp-out of the season, protect your dog. Insect repelling dog vests or bandanas are comfortable, odorless and do the job. By the way, if car travel is involved, you’ll want a car seat cover that repels insects, too.

Wherever you’re going, whether it’s a stroll to the park or a hike in the Appalachians, be sure to bring along waste disposal bags. After all, the hiking mantra is ‘leave nothing but footprints.’

All outdoor adventurers should be prepared for emergencies. A 20-piece canine first aid kit is lightweight and small enough to loop on your belt. For longer outings, you might want a 50-piece kit stocked with everything you could need in an emergency.

I Just Want To Have Some Outdoor Fun With My Dog

Not everything you do with your dog has to be an Olympic event. Sometimes you can have the most fun just playing outdoors.

All you need is you, the dog and a durable outdoor toy, like this boomerang toy complete with a tennis ball. Made for throwing or tugging, this will give you both the kind of intense outdoor play you may have been missing all winter.

If your dog is more interested in going out for the long ball, flying discs are a good choice, like this soft rubber field disc or the ice flying disc.

Think you might want to try agility this spring? No need to go out and buy elaborate equipment, especially if your dog is a beginner. Start simply with this DIY agility dog jump.

You could even spend glorious spring days teaching your dog a few new tricks. Using step-by-step training and ideas to build on, he can learn to bow, fetch the paper, rollover and lots more.

Spring is the perfect time to shake off the winter blahs and get the blood flowing. All of this outdoor activity is not only a great way to bond with your dog, but it’ll get you both back in shape for warm weather ahead!

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