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Eco-Friendly Fur Drying Gloves for Dogs
Eco-Friendly Fur Drying Gloves for Dogs

Eco-Friendly Fur Drying Gloves for Dogs

​Dry your dog fast after bath. Throw in the wash to use again and again!

$ 24.99

Made from a plush polyester with naturally absorbent qualities, these gloves will dry your dog thoroughly and fast. Unlike towels, which push the moisture back into your dog's coat, the drying gloves draw water from the coat for an easier and faster after-bath routine. After you're done, toss the gloves in the washing machine and then tumble dry. Grooming your dog has never been so easy!


  • Extracts water from your dog's coat
  • Won't create tangles or mat fur
  • Dries wet coat faster than towels
  • Machine washable
  • Made in the USA

Why We Like It

Not only do these gloves work better than a standard towel, they're made in the USA from 100% Eco-fi polyester, from post consumer recycled and BPA-free plastic bottles. We also like that they come in pairs, which makes them efficient for all-over drying. Unlike towels, the drying gloves won't tangle or mat your dog's coat.

Good For

Suitable for all coat types.


16 oz. bottle

Available unscented, chamomile and lavender or tea tree oil and peppermint.

Delivery Info

You can expect to receive the Eco-Friendly Fur Drying Gloves 3-5 days after placing your order.

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