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Hurtta Sun and Bug Blocker
Hurtta Sun and Bug Blocker
Hurtta Sun and Bug Blocker
Hurtta Sun and Bug Blocker
Hurtta Sun and Bug Blocker
Hurtta Sun and Bug Blocker
Hurtta Sun and Bug Blocker
Hurtta Sun and Bug Blocker

Hurtta Sun and Bug Blocker

Protect your pup against unwanted sun and pest exposure

$ 35.42

You may not be trekking through the jungle with your dog, but ticks, mosquitoes, horseflies and blazing sun can all be harmful to your dog wherever you travel. The Sun & Bug Blocker overall protects your dog from pests and harmful UV rays. The Archroma sanitized finish is permethrin-based to safely protect your dog from biting insects. The fabric is breathable and soft, with UPF protection of 40. The materials are the same ones used in army fatigues, sleeping bags and tents, so you know it works!

Sizing Guide

Instructions for measuring a dog

1. The back length should be measured from the withers (not the collar) to the base of the tail.

2. The neckline measurement should be taken at the base of the neck (the widest point of the neck). The neckline overall can be larger as it can be adjusted to fit smaller necks.

3. The chest measurement should be taken at the widest point of the chest from behind the front legs. To ensure sufficient freedom of movement, the chest overall should be 2-8" wider than the dog's chest.

 SIZE A - Back Length (in) B - Neckline (in) C - Chest (in)
12S 12" 17" 19"
12L 12" 13" 17"
14M 14" 17" 24"
16M 16" 19" 24"
18XS 18" 20" 22"
18M 18" 21" 26"
20M 20" 22" 31"
22M 22" 24" 34"
22L 22" 22" 29"
24M 24" 29" 35"


  • Protects dogs from harmful biting insects and UV rays
  • Flexible, thin material doesn't restrict movement
  • Retains efficiency for one hundred washes
  • Dermatologically tested to be safe for dogs
  • Available in several sizes

Why We Like It

Extreme conditions call for extreme protection and that's just what you get with the Sun & Bug Blocker. The overalls provide protection from biting insects and harmful UV rays without restricting your dog's movement. Your canine companion deserves to be safe on all your adventures! The overalls come in various sizes, so please check the size guide to select the right fit for your dog.

Good For

Suitable for all dogs


Offered in 10 sizes

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