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Organic Moisturizing Paw Rescue Balm for Dogs
Organic Moisturizing Paw Rescue Balm for Dogs
Organic Moisturizing Paw Rescue Balm for Dogs

Organic Moisturizing Paw Rescue Balm for Dogs

​This organic balm for your dog's cracked or dry paws is the best way to soothe his pain and discomfort. Applies easy and keeps your pup happy.

$ 13.99


Snow and ice in winter, even hot sand or road surfaces in summer can damage the pads of your dog's paws. The Organic Paw Rescue balm soothes, moisturizes and protects dry or cracked pads. It can even help treat wounds, scratches or sores. The organic ingredients are free of chemicals, paraben and fragrance, with no synthetic dyes or perfumes. Food-grade ingredients make the balm safe even if your dog should lick it. Just massage it gently into your dog's paw to soften, heal & protect. Make it a part of your grooming routine!


  • Heals dry, cracked and sore pads
  • Hydrates and soothes
  • Safe if licked
  • Protects from heat, cold & moisture
  • Helps heal scratches, sores & wounds
  • Certified to USDA Organic Standards

Why We Like It

Paw Rescue is certified to USDA organic standards, so it's safe for you and your dog. The all-natural ingredients have healing, soothing and moisturizing properties that are effective for paw pads damaged by snow, ice, heat or rough terrain. With no paraben, dyes, chemicals or fragrance, Paw Rescue is safe for dogs with allergies or sensitive paws. And, it's made in the USA.

Good For

Suitable for all dogs, including puppies, senior dogs and dogs with sensitive skin.


4.5 oz.

Ingredients: Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Beeswax, Organic St. John’s Wort Extract, Vitamin E, Organic Rosemary Extract, Organic Calendula Extract

Delivery Info

You can expect to receive the Paw Rescue 3-5 days after placing your order.

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